Our Services

Our practice offers planning and development services to individuals, businesses and industry professionals.  We have years of hard-earned knowledge and experience in the following matters:

  • Providing advice and guidance on all aspects of Town and Country Planning in Barbados.
  • Preparation & submission of planning applications along with necessary follow-ups, review of planning conditions and the discharge of planning conditions in accordance with local regulations, standards and norms.
  • Preparation & submission of Environmental Protection Department (EPD) applications including guidance on general requirements.
  • Guidance on matters relating to land use planning, land use policy, covenants, conveyances, easements, right-of-ways, utilities, engineering requirements and other development-related considerations.
  • Coordination and presentation of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (EIAs), Environmental Scoping Reports and Planning Statements. This includes Traffic Impact Assessments, Visual Assessments, Glint & Glare Reports, Land Use Assessments, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Assessments, and the coordination of any other specialist report that is required.
  • Meeting with local authorities, agencies and statutory bodies to discuss, accommodate and resolve issues.
  • Renewable Energy  – we are RE specialists and can help to evaluate the RE potential of sites based on planning policy, energy policy, land conditions and land ownership.
  • Evaluating the development potential of sites based on planning policy, precedents and economic factors.
  • Designing subdivision layouts of all use types and sizes (residential, industrial, commercial).
  • Providing specialist planning advice on the change of use of land to residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, institutional and tourism uses.
  • Offering urban design and master planning services at an outline level.
  • Preparation and presentation of Planning Appeals and Hearings.
  • Project management of small and medium-sized infrastructural projects.
  • Basic (non-tax) feasibility analysis, costings and budgeting for subdivision developments.
  • Coordination and authoring of planning-related studies, or as a contributor when required.
  • CAD drafting, GIS analysis, 3D modelling, plotting, printing, copying, publishing and presentation services related to development projects.

When complex issues run beyond the limits of our expertise, we readily call on our many trusted colleagues and industry partners – including engineers, architects, surveyors, landscape architects, real estate advisers, specialist project managers and legal professionals – to provide input and guidance that ensures the best possible results.

Barbados-based professionals have a wealth of “local” knowledge that allow most projects to be designed/implemented locally from start to finish. However, we happily partner with overseas consultants especially where specialised skills are required, and have successfully done so over the years with large international firms.